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    Dashboard filter and "all" selection


      Hello Tableau Community,


      I asked a question similar to this, but was unable to find an answer and thought I would try again since my previous question may have been a bit unclear.


      I have a dashboard with  7 worksheets all using the same data source. I have a single value dropdown filter for "host country", when selected the rest of the sheets correspond with information for the pertaining country.


      I want to have the "all" value in the filter in order to have the map fill in (see screenshot below),

      filter action.pngHowever, the rest of the worksheets on the dashboard contain too much information and end up looking like this (see screenshot below),

      filter action 2.png

      Previously I tried creating a dashboard action so that when "all" was selected in the filter and on the map the rest of the dashboard would be excluded,


      filter action 3.png

      This was good, except that it made it so the user has to select a country from the dropdown filter and then click the circle on the map in order to fill in the rest of the corresponding information on the dashboard. In order to make it as user-friendly as possible, I would rather have just the dropdown filter for the selection of host country while having the "All" value fill in the map and exclude the rest of the dashboard.


      Finally, my question directly put would be, how can I make the "all" value in my dropdown filter correspond to the map only, while the rest of the values correspond to the other sheets on the dashboard as well? Is it possible to do this?


      Please feel free to check out my dashboard here, https://public.tableau.com/views/unhcrworkbookaug/Dashboard1?:embed=y&:display_count=yes


      Thank you!


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          Andrew Watson

          You can decide which filters affect which dashboards, so you can make the Country filter only affect the worksheet with the map.


          This link might also be useful to you, how to show nothing unless only 1 country is selected: Using Tableau SIZE to display nothing

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            Hi Andrew,


            Thank you for your response! The problem is that I do want the country filter to work on all sheets except for when "(All)" is selected, which is when I would like it to be on the map only so that not all information is being shown in the other sheets. But, I don't want to have two separate filters (for example, one drop down filter and one map filter).


            Thank you for the link! However, I don't believe this is what I need.


            Thanks again!

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              Andrew Watson

              Actually the link could help. The link will show you how to hide all data except when only one country is selected. Therefore if All is selected it would display nothing, if a single country is selected the data for that country would be displayed.


              Another even simpler solution that may work for you, I don't know as I haven't had chance to analyse your workbook, would be to remove the country from the rows/columns of all of the worksheets apart from the map worksheet so when all is selected they show the aggregated amounts for all countries and when a single country is selected it only shows that country.