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    Changing the display of charts in Dashboard


      Hi All


      I have 5 charts in a dashboard, of which 4 acts as filter to each other and the remaining one. 2 among 4 of the filter charts have data with flag value 'Y' and 'N', and the remaining two have data with flag value as only 'Y' by filtering on worksheet itself.

      Let me name the charts as Ch-1, Ch-2, Ch-3, Ch-4 and Ch-5.

      Ch-1 and Ch-2 have no filter on flag i.e it displays data for both values of flag.

      Ch-3 and Ch-4 has data for flag with values only 'Y'.

      Ch-5 displays both flag values at default. It also has action filter from the above 4 charts.

      Now if I select a bar (say) from Ch-3 or Ch-4, the record list in Ch-5 (say-text table) changes, but it also has records with flag value 'N' because it has action filter from Ch-1 and Ch-2. However, my requirement is to have only the records with flag 'Y' displayed on Ch-5, because I made a selection on Ch-3's bar. How can this be achieved?