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    Prevent rounding numbers in $K


      Hi Everyone,


      Came across with an odd situation. I use some amounts from a spreadhseet for example:  Amount X = 4700, divided by 1000 to show it as 4.7 (because the header indicates $K) then, I divide this amount by a coefficient i.e. 50 and then, I need to times this amount x100.

      For example: ((4700/100)/50)*100 = 9.4. This 9.4 is what I want to display in the dashboard, but instead, Tableau rounds it down to 9. I have checked the number format both automatic an custom and doesn't seem that something needs to be changed. I don't want to set the units in K, because I indicate the $K in the header.


      The cells format that contain the numbers in the spreadhseet is "General" but there is a reason for that as well, so it would be good to remain General


      Is there any ideas how to show the reuslt of the calculation in the view I described?


      Many thanks