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    Multiple time series / Badly connected points in time..

    Enrico Kunz

      Hey everyone,

      I'm dealing with a couple (~12000) of time-series(s) which I want to investigate. As you can see in the attached screenshot Tableau is connecting especially the points of change a little badly (at least to my understanding).

      The highlighted line should start at roughly the 12th of September 2015, then move down to the 10th of october and so on. This is an example though! My problem is not determined to this line in particular. There multiple lines drawn like this..

      I have no idea how to fix this and have tried everything I can think of.

      Any ideas why Tableau is doing this? / What I have done wrong?

      The Y-Axis is a Dimension, the X-Axis was detected as dates from the dimensions section. The lines are the objects to be investigated and are set to be also dimensions (ongoing, in the color section)

      Thanks for any help!


      Bildschirmfoto 2016-08-18 um 15.07.13.png