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    Tableau 10 Error: 48047 When using "Append Data from File"

    Josef Freedman

      Hello all,


      I have a packaged workbook, connected to an xlsm file through custom SQL, and append data from file onto extract each day.


      After upgrading to Tableau 10, I received the following error when clicking “Append data to file”: Tableau Data Engine Error: 48047: bad input.


      Steps below on how to re-produce this error:


      1. Create Tableau file, connect to excel through legacy connection. Convert to Custom SQL.
      2. Save file as packaged workbook.
      3. Extract data.
      4. Append data to file…
      5. Click on suitable data source (matching columns etc.)
      6. Receive error.


      Is this a known bug? Is there a solution?


      Would it be possible to use union all on multiple excel files (with custom SQL) rather than adding each file to the extract?


      Thank you in advance,