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    Looking for a workaround--it makes sense to me that this should be impossible, but....

    Sarah McGraw



      I have no idea how to search for similar questions, and I realize this request is a total long shot (and logically, it shouldn't really be possible, though from a design standpoint I'm probably not the only person who wants this). I feel kind of bad even asking.


      I am charting many, many strategic measures for my agency, and they are all "preprocessed"--which is to say, the data is delivered to me with actuals, forecasts, and targets already supplied--the numbers are all found in a single field called "value", with another field called "type" denoting "actual", forecast", or "target".


      Once charted, the data looks like this, with a gap between the series.



      If there's any way to do it, I'd like to connect those lines (or at least the actual and forecast lines) so that it looks more like this:



      WITHOUT inserting fake data into the source to make it happen, as I did above. Is there any way to do something like this in Tableau? I can think of workarounds with my source file, but they all result in incorrect values getting inserted into the data table, which is not what I want. Also, I have been provided with forecast data already, so it doesn't make sense to get Tableau to generate the forecast for me. I really just need some way to pretty this up. If what I want to happen isn't possible, does anyone have any alternate suggestions?  Also, and I almost don't want to know the answer to this, would this be any easier if I had structured my source so that "type" was flattened into three separate fields?