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    Format multiple fields in a mailto: URL action

    Mitchell Grewer

      I found this article in the knowledge base about creating emails with data using a dashboard URL action:

      Creating a URL Action to Send Email | Tableau Software


      It works almost perfectly. My only problem is I was hoping to have the body of the email populate with multiple records and multiple fields in a vertical list, only creating a line break after all 2-3 fields.

      My URL: mailto:?subject=Vendors &body=<User Selected Dimension (Code)> | <ATTR(User Selected Dimension (Description))>


      Assuming for a moment that the User Selected Dimension in the URL above is vendor...


      What I'd like the body of the email to be:

      <Vendor Code> 1 | <Vendor Description> 1

      <Vendor Code> 2 | <Vendor Description> 2

      <Vendor Code> 3 | <Vendor Description> 3


      What's actually happening:

      <Vendor Code> 1

      <Vendor Code> 2

      <Vendor Code> 3 | <Vendor Description> 1

      <Vendor Description> 2

      <Vendor Description> 3


      Any ideas? Thanks in advance!