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    Text filter that sits 'off-dashboard'

    Harry Lawrance

      Hi - I'm a bit of a newbie to Tableau so I'm trying to learn from help videos and the community questions and answers as much as possible, but as I don't know a lot of the terminology yet I'm struggling to know how to search for solutions to my problems - hence the odd phrasing of my question title. I'm sure this is a really simple problem but can't find the solution. So here goes:


      I currently have a dashboard showing a graph, with a filter that changes the data shown in the graph. The filter is a text table worksheet (see screenshot below):




      This looks a bit rubbish (with the 'Abc' values). I've seen other users workbooks that use 'off-dashboard' filters such as this:




      This is what I would like to achieve, so my question is - what is one of these called and how do I achieve this?


      Any input gratefully received.



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          Vincent Baumel

          Hi Harry!


          This is a difference between a worksheet and a dashboard. When working on a worksheet, the filters are shown to the side like in your second picture. When you build out a dashboard (by clicking on the Dashboard icon), you have the option of adding objects in either Tiled or Floating:




          If Tiled is selected, bringing out a worksheet or adding a filter will "snap" it into a location. Filters usually default to the top right of the dashboard, a placing that your first picture shows. If you'd like to remove the Abc part, just hover over the divider between the left column and right column and drag it all the way to the right.


          If Floating is selected, bringing in a worksheet will drop it wherever you choose. There are advantages and disadvantages to this, so whether you want to use floating things will depend on the type of dashboard you're putting together. There's a ton of great resources out there explaining which might be the best choice for you.


          I hope this helps clear things up for you in an easy to understand way. I love the creativity in building out dashboards, so have fun with it!

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            Peter Halpin

            Hi Harry,


            It seems like what you are looking for is a either a quick filter or a parameter rather than a text worksheet as you are using in this case. Right-clicking on a field name you want to filter on and clicking "Show filter" while in the view will usually produce filters such as this. The format of the filter can then be changed (to a list or dropdown box or slider) by selecting the dropdown arrow on the filter and selecting the desired format. If you could attach a packaged workbook I could look at developing a similar functionality using a filter/parameter for you if you are still having trouble.


            Hope this helps,


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              khalid norat

              To Achieve this go to the worksheet you would like to filter

              Right click on the dimension in the dimensions pane and select show filter.

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