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    maps and geocoding


      I have a data set i wanted to create a dash board can anyone please help me out?

      sample data




      The tableau dashboard should give options for user to select the distinct option under for airlines,

      no of stops, time of day, cabin class, weekday , week end


      Based on the selection the respective coefficients have to be taken and added up and score needs to be shown on the DB

      can anyone please help out in detail

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          Mike Burke

          Hi Vinisha,


          Your question is a little unclear, but based off your title you're looking to map these airports.  To do so, you'll need to find additional attributes to your data so you have some address information.  This could be the zip code, city/state, or preferably longitude/latitude.  Tableau will automatically map zip codes or city/states, which I think meets the need you're looking for.  If you looking for something more precise in the future you can a list of addresses geocoded here:Batch Geocode.


          Also, there is a lot of similar visuals on Tableau Public to help get you started.  Like this one: Visualizing More Than Five Million Flights | Tableau Public.


          Lastly, given that you're interested in some time elements (time of day, weekday, weekend, etc), I suggest you import a date dimension and join it to your source data.  This can be found here.


          Thanks and good luck!


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            thanq mike

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              Hello mike,



              inn the dashboard if i keep filter as type if the user selects the  multiple in type of flight then it should show output as sum of coefficents that the user selected.

              can you please help me in calculating



              thanks, in advance

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                for example:


                if i filter the type and select type is air and air2 it should show output as sum of air2 and air3

                = (-0.142 - 0.251)

                how to write a calculated filed

                and how to do it in dashboard

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                  Mike Burke

                  In your first comment: yes, Tableau will only calculate (sum in this case) whatever is selected in the filters.

                  In your second comment: you don't write calculated fields in the dashboard.  You create workbooks that show different views of your data source.  The dashboard allows you to then show those workbooks in one place while connecting them through actions and filters. My best advice is to check out some of the tutorials before jumping too deep into a project.  You'll have a much better understanding of what's possible and will be able to solve a lot of the problems that come up as you are working through this project. Unlike some other software products, Tableau has made a lot of work into their training videos / whitepapers / etc.


                  Best of luck!


                  Example – Creating a Calculated Field