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    How to get the correct number of records based on a parameter

    Haroldy Tevaras



      I am trying to allow users to dynamically select how far back they want to go in the graph. I have two sheets. The first one is the correct number of records that were opened and closed and that has all the data that is available historically.


      The second sheet is the one that will allow them to see the data they're interested in. I created a parameter with int values 1-18 and then I created calculated fields that give  me the number of records for the month. so far that is correct.


      Where it gets tricky is that if I want to in the columns a view of the months, then the numbers are incorrect. So for example, if I put month of close time in the column then my number of records is correct for the closed line, but not for the open line, and viceversa.


      I know it must be something about how the query is executing on the back end, but I have no visibility to the query that it's generating.


      I thought about creating a calculated field such as today and then using the month for it, but for obvious reasons it doesn't go back in time since today only has one month.


      Any thoughts?