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    Help Datablending with Google Analytics (Duplicates)


      Hi everybody I am having the next issue, by a bad configuration in Analytics some orders are getting 2 or 3 source and medium,

      Captura de pantalla 2016-08-17 a la(s) 11.26.25 p.m..png

      so when I link to my database I am getting the asterisk, now I did a max(source) and max(medium) to get just one but then I need to group them by source and medium but is not working when I put  this if  (([Max Source]='(direct)' AND [Max medium]='(none)') ) then 'Direct' End, when I am grouping the net revenue of these orders, how Can I do to do that ?  I am attaching the file I am trying to do please I hope u can help me


      I could attach by the web because its 57 mg here is the link for my google drive to download