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    Running Sum across null entries within a filtered view

    Chong Yong Yap

      Hi guys,


      Question related to Running Sum:

      I've been trying to do a running total across several 'Period' (defined by integers, prefer not to define 'Period' by date or other formats).

      'Type' B do not contain any entry in periods 3, 5, 7 and 8.

      The running sum is performing as expected without filters in the 'Without filter' tab i.e. the running sum is computed across all periods, even for periods with no entries, up to the max period within the whole data set (8 in this example).


      However, when a filter is applied by displaying only 'Type' B, periods 3, 5, 7 and 8 displays null. I've checked 'Show empty columns'.

      It is important to display the running sum values even when there is no entry in a given period (similar to the 'unfiltered' view above).

      I've tried placing 'Type' into Pages and it works as expected. However, I would prefer to use filter instead of pages.

      I believe there is a straight forward solution to this but I can't quite figure this out.

      Any idea?


      Question unrelated to Running Sum:

      I would also like to set the running sum for 'Type' B to end at period 6 (i.e. null for periods 7 and 8), as period 6 is the max period within 'Type' B. 'Type' A will still display a running sum up to period 8 as 8 is the max within 'Type' A.

      Any idea how to perform this?


      I've attached a sample workbook here.

      Thanks in advance!