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    Has anyone created a workbook to help manage grades?

    John Motlagh

      I have a couple of kids starting back to school, and I want to impress upon them the importance of turning work.  It seems that every year, missed assignments kill what might otherwise be a respectable GPA.  So has anyone done any work around something like "What grades do I have to get in order to get the F brought up to a C (hopefully we are trying to bring B's up to A's)

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          Vincent Baumel

          I think the challenge here is that teachers weigh certain assignments differently. I remember having some teachers and professors that weighed homework assignments as 20% of the overall grade, and some that considered it much more important and weighed it at 50% of the final grade. If it were simply a matter of "This homework is worth 100 points, and the class overall is 5,000 points. This homework represents 2% of the overall grade" then something like this would be much easier to write and put together.


          That being said, I think it's possible if you know how the teacher plans on grading, if there's going to be grading on a curve for some or all assignments, and you limit your dashboard to one class. This could quickly become a pretty complex undertaking, but I applaud the idea behind it. I was a kid who didn't do my homework (thinking if my test grades were high, that was a sufficient display of my understanding), and had a big offset between my high ACT score and low GPA :-(  It turns out my parents were right all along; I was a smart kid that didn't apply himself, lol.


          Look at me now, Mom! I made it!

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            khalid norat

            I think this will be challenging but possible


            I would like to have a go at this. But being from UK I am not Familiar with how GPA is Calculated.


            If you can give me a simple description I can pull something together to show you what is possible

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              Carl Slifer

              Hi John,


              Don't let this backfire! I was the kid similar to Vincent above who figured out exactly how much work I needed to get a 90% in each course. I needed more time to read my books in class and at home after all. However I've mocked a quick graph up that you can use. Its not weighted and it only uses one class but it gives a running average for a student. It also compares what their grade would have been if they didn't get 0s and it assumes that the missing grades were the average of the others.  I'd recommend setting your data up where you had Child, Class, Assigment #, Assignment Type (for weights or comparison), Points Received, Points Possible You build something similar and just put class on the rows shelf. Calculating GPA and GPA lost could be done cumulatively as well. Easiest way would be to pull window calcs going across each graph and then pull window calcs going down to get the average of each course.



              Carl Slifer


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                khalid norat

                Hi John,


                I went about this a different way to carl


                I created an excel sheet of just Subject coursework and exams with weights.


                So a student can use something like this to insert his current grade average

                and the grade overall they want to achieve and the tool will give you a grade you need to maintain for the rest of the year

                plus a breakdown of each subject.


                I have done this using percentages but can add in calculation to work out gpa if you help me understand how this would be done.


                Still Looks a little  rough will add some formatting and neaten it up if this works for you.


                Attaching work book and excel file

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                  khalid norat

                  The as of date - just adds the ability to test what it would look at different times of the year as fewer courseworks exams would remain