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    About data source publication

    Yew Seng Lai

      Hi all,


      I have some questions on the data source publication.


      Due to IT security concern, user/developers are not allow to know the password from a data source (I am using SQL Server).

      1. So for the first time, I need to create a SQL Server connection with ID and password.

      2. I have created a custom SQL

      3. Then I published the data source (SQL Data Source).


      Then I have created a new workbook,

      1. Connect to Tableau Server

      2. Choose SQL Data Source.

      3. Set to incremental refresh for every 30 mins.

      4. Then I published this workbook.


      There is new data coming to SQL Server every 5 minutes (near to real time), when the workbook refreshed after every 30 minutes (or even I run it now), it did not capture the latest data, I expect the latest data should append to it.


      My question is: When the workbook refreshed, it is connect to SQL Data Source, and it should use this connection to run the query to get latest data right?


      The SQL Data Source seems always only keep the data as when the time I published.


      Hope my words are not confusing you all..any idea?