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    Potential level of detail calculation

    Andreas Linden

      I have a calculated field question - maybe involving level of detail calculations?


      I'd like to work out when each account in the table below starts spending in shop B. So, the MIN(Date) for when shop B starts seeing some revenue.


      01/01/2016Company 1Shop A$0
      01/01/2016Company 1Shop B$1000
      02/01/2016Company 1Shop A$4000
      02/01/2016Company 1Shop B$2000
      01/01/2016Company 2Shop A$500
      01/01/2016Company 2Shop B$0
      02/01/2016Company 2Shop A$400
      02/01/2016Company 2Shop B$800


      e.g. based on the above I should end up with:


      AccountCalculated field result
      Company 101/01/2016
      Company 202/01/2016



      What kind of calculation(s) should I use?