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    Totals per year, summed per year

    Jakob Sebens

      Hi All,


      I have been reading the forums for quite some time, and i value the community and the solutions given by all community members. But, here i got my own challenges to work out.


      I created a text report with in the columns the date (Years, quarters) and in the rows the orders and the description of the orders. It will give me an overview of the amount of orders per timeperiod. I want to add a number, that represents the total of all orders in a year up to a certain year. So if in 2011 it where 5 orders, in 2012 it where 3 orders, the total in year 2012 should be 8, and not 3. So i want a total up to year. The amount of orders happened in year 2012 should be counted with the orders of year 2011, and if we got 4 orders in 2014, the total in the 2014 column should be 5+3+4=12, and for 2014 we got 1 order so 5+3+4+1=13 orders and so on.


      I hope you guys can help me since i have absolutely not clue on how to do this. I've made some calculated fields already but they dont seem to generate what i want.






      (This is how i want to see it, preferably, The original value + total for the years)