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    Problem with using SQL Server view as live published data source and altering view

    Lee Forst

      Please the see following steps for recreating our problem.  The crux of the problem is that we have a SQL Server view we created a live data source to and we published the data source to our Server.  After some time, we needed to add a new field to the view in order to use in our workbooks.  So we altered the view and then are trying to add it to the published data source.  However, there is some kind of problem when doing this.  Do you have any suggestions?  I have a case opened with Tableau Support Tier 2 and it has been over a day now without word from them. I need to move past this problem.


      1. Create SQL Server view; dbo.vwTableauTestVer1.  Returns one field; StoreName.

      2. Open Desktop and point to SQL Server and select view.  Do as a Live connection.

      3. Test data source out by dropping Store Name onto view.

      4. Publish data source to Server accepting all defaults other than changing the Project.

      5. Close down Desktop and then open back up again and connect to Server and to the new data source.  Confirm it works.

      6. Open Server and navigate to published data source.

      7. Create a new workbook using Server web site.  Everything looks fine.

      8. Alter view in SQL Server and add new column; StoreType.

      9. On Server, create a new workbook using data source and verify new column doesn’t show up.

      10. On Server, download data source and open in Desktop.

      11. New column shows up as StoreType.

      12. Click over to Data Source and fixed name to be Store Type.

      13. Drop Store Name and Store Type onto view to make sure it works.

      14. Publish data source to Server accepting all defaults.

      15. Close Desktop and the open back up again and connect to Server and to the data source.  Notice the Store Type does not show up.

      16. Open Server and a new workbook using web edit.  Notice the Store Type field shows up, but has a red exclamation point.  You cannot drop it onto view.  Store Name still works.

      17. Download the data source and open in Desktop.  Notice both fields show up.

      18. Publish data source to Server, but as a new name this time.

      19. Close desktop and reopen and connect to Server and open the new version of the data source.  Notice the new Store Type field does not appear.

      20. In SQL Server, create the same view having both fields, but create using different name than the first view.

      21. Open Desktop, connect to SQL Server, select the new view, publish as new data source, and everything works as it should.

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