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    How do I set a weight on calculated fields from separate data sources?

    Scott Bullock

      I have 3 separate data sources right now that serve as the drivers of the KPI's I'm displaying. One is a cube extract, and the other 2 are Excel sheets. The image attached show the dashboard with each of the bar graphs generated.  The final bar graph (#6) is a separate Excel sheet that is a manual input of the values from bars 1-5.


      Graphs 1-4 are linked under Primary/Secondary relationship edits.  Graph 5 (cube) is not linked since I can't edit multiple relationships.


      What I have in the weighted calculation from Bar Graph #6 (KPO Total) on the Excel sheet is:


      1 - 35%

      2 - 35%

      3 - 10%

      4 - 10%

      5 - 10%


      Is there a way I can create that weight scenario directly in Tableau rather than having to manually update a separate Excel sheet?


      Calc Field source.png