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    How to customize total in use?

    Nadir Steinmetz

      Hi everyone,


      I have a table showing weighted prices for products - basically Price*avg(weight), being that the [Price] camp is either avg(USD Price) or avg(BRL Price), which I can change through a parameter.


      When I remove the product column and show only the company one, Tableau automatically calculates total average price, however I would like it to calculate the total sum of each individual product price.


      Now, I know how to do a table calculation in the Analysis tab, but I want to show ONLY the total sum for each company, with the table calculation I need to have products in columns. I guess this might involve using TOTAL function, I tried using Total(Sum()) but it gives an error because of aggregation issue, and when I just use Total() it gives me the same result as before.


      these are correct numbers for each product:

      currently how Tableau aggregates total when I remove detail by product:


      Below, with table calculation using sum. My objective is that this subtotal (of columns, not the rows appear when I take off product detail and only show total of each company (so in the case of october 9 for company A it would show 74):



      Thanks a lot!