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    Trouble getting VizAlerts to run with our data - demo works fine

    Lisa Burlingame

      We think we have VizAlerts installed correctly as I can get the demo data to run to success. But whenever I modify the trigger alert worksheet (and data source) with our own data, it give me errors as seen below. I've tried getting an image, attach a csv or pdf, anything to send and can't figure out what is missing. Let me know if there is something else I should post to help troubleshoot.


      VizAlerts was unable to process this view due to the following error:
      Alert was triggered, but encountered a failure getting data/image references:
      Unable to render VIZ_CSV(VizAlertsDemo/FHC Headcounts) with error:
      Unable to get vizdata from url https://server.domain.com/t/HR/views/VizAlertsDemo/FHC Headcounts?&:format=csv&:refresh=y. Cause:
      (I have changed the server name for this post)

      View URL: http://server.domain.com/t/HR/views/VizAlertsDemo/FHC Headcounts (when I click on this link, I also get an error message below – I wrote the silly thing and it does exist and I am the owner! Sigh... )
      Subscriber: lburling
      View Owner: lburling
      Site Id: HR
      Project: Test Area



      This is what the command line shows –






      Thanks for taking the time to look at this!