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    Individual column for measures with dimension as a sub coloumn

    Nikita Singhal

      Hi i am very new to tableau and this is the first time i an posting please bear with me . i got many posts related different colour scheme to different columns but then i am stuck somewhere else  i need to make a table with 1 dimension(continuous) and 3 measures as different columns.Where i want Dimension as a sub column.



      I have 3 measures

      No of demands





      Level( has values M,AM,SM,TL)


      What i want to achieve is:


      No of demands                                        Bench                                                   RM

      M AM SM TL                                       M AM SM TL                                     M AM SM TL 


      I cannot use measure names and measure values as i want to apply different colour scheme to each column.Please Help here if this is possible.Thanks