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    Tableau 10 is here! How does that change VizAlerts?

    Matt Coles

      In case you hadn't heard, Tableau 10 is now released to the world! I expect you might have some questions about how VizAlerts will work with Tableau 10? Is it ready for it? What about the new "subscribe others" feature? I'll address those questions in this post.



      First off, if you're using VizAlerts already, and don't change anything, everything should continue working after an upgrade to 10.0. Yes, even though server.version in the vizalerts.yaml file is set to "9". That field is currently still only used to build the standard footer. But it will break if you change the value to "10" and you aren't running at least v1.1.1 of VizAlerts. So I don't recommend changing anything at this stage--let sleeping dogs lie, as they say!



      Secondly, version 10.0 has a new feature: Subscribe Others. Since VizAlerts is powered off of subscriptions, you might ask, "how will this work"? The answer: Brilliantly!


      For Simple Alerts, you can subscribe others just as you would subscribe yourself, if you need them to receive alerts whenever you do.


      First, pick the schedule:




      Then, add the others whom you wish to receive the same email:




      Click OK, and you're done!



      This is especially beneficial because each user won't need to know the precise schedule to select--you can pick the correct schedule for them!


      Please note that if you try and subscribe anyone to an Advanced Alert who is not the author themselves, it will be ignored. So will any subscriptions to the "Entire Workbook".




      Lastly! , Tableau 10.0 Server has a feature that allows you to automatically send emails to owners of extracts that fail to refresh. Yep, that's right! But...many of the past demonstrations I've provided for VizAlerts have shown solutions to just this problem--so what are we to make of this? Well, hopefully, this new feature will solve the notification problem for you sufficiently, so that you won't even need VizAlerts for this particular reason anymore!


      But for some of you, especially in larger enterprise environments, it may not do absolutely everything you want--cc a second person for a given set of extracts, for example, or provide custom remedies for extract failures common to your own particular environment. To see some thoughts on why one or the other may be the right solution for you, see this post that I've updated with some new information to consider: Example: Email users whose extracts fail to refresh