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    LOD vs If-Statement (or other?)

    Andres Galban

      First post . Having some trouble with dimensionality, hope some of you can help . I have the following scenario:


      Column A denotes the invoice total.

      Column B denotes each line item within the invoice. (one to many to Column A)

      Column C denotes the employee who made the sale. (One employee - To many invoices)


      Rule: If the Invoice Total is less than a particular amount (lets say $1000), a special fee needs to appear as an Invoice Line Item (Column B). The required amount of $1000 is not including the special fee.


      #1 First I need to subtract the special fee (if it exists) from the Invoice Total


      #2 Then filter and count the number of Invoices that are less than $1000 (per employee)


      #3 Then count the number of special fees applied to these invoices (per employee)


      #4 Lastly divide #3 / #2 to arrive at the compliance percentage (per employee).