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    Daily running total - how to show only the monthly sum of the daily running total

    David Mostoller

      Hello all,


      I have a workbook where I am trying to show the number of days in a month that were under a certain threshold.  I have my formula to calculate whether the day was under the threshold level, and then output a 1 if it was under, and 0 if it was over. Than I set up a running total to show the culmulative # of days that were under the threshold, which re-sets at the end of each month.

      But I don't want to display the daily totals, just the final count at the end of each month. How can I take my daily running total and display only the sum on the last day of each month? I have a filter to show the last 12 months of data, I just can't figure out how to display only the monthly total, rather than every single day. If I do it by month than it takes my calculation for the whole month, so even if 12 days were under the threshold, it displays "1".


      Thank you in advance for your help!