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    Using IF statements for one field and using another field in the VIZ

    Talha Valam

      Hi all,


      I think this is an easy solution, but I just can't figure out how to go about doing this, so forgive the newbie question. I think what I'm trying to do can be done using IF statements, but can't find the logic to follow through.


      Basically, I want to be able to crate a formula that says something like, “if the total sales to a customer are between 10k to 50k in 2015 then label that customer as Small/Medium/Large"


      Then I want to use that customer classification to create a viewpoint that kind of looks like the spreadsheet below. Doesn't have to be exact..

      After creating these "customer groupings", I'd like to use the Product Code field in the viz. I think that's where I'm having the trouble.


      So my question is, what steps do I have to take to try and replicate the sample spreadsheet above?


      Hopefully this makes sense. And I appreciate any help from the discussion boards.



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