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    How to work with data blending in tableau 9.3


      I have recently upgraded from Tableau 9.1.3 to 9.3, I have been given a task to add two data sources from same database. we are using IBM DB2 and have 2 different servers under it.

      1 source call it as DS1(datasource1)  has Zone, Types, date and SubType, also I have 2 measures called as amount and units. another source call it as DS2(Datasource2) has zone, type and date, also has two measures called as balance and assets.


      going in to details I have the below:

      DS1 has : 5 Zones and 2 Types(sale and Loan) and again Subtypes for each type.

      DS2 has : 1 zone and only 1 Type(lease) and no subtype

      but the user says the measures in DS1 and DS2 are same and need to be added.(that means I have to add amount from DS1 and Balance from DS2 and then I have to add Units from DS1 to Assets in DS2)

      I have done that using calculated field. and named as Balance and TotalUnits.

      now when I drag the Zones from primary Datasource DS1 and then Balance and Total Units from DS2, the worksheet will appear well with out any link in secondary datasource. if I selct the link as zone then only the common filed will be displayed. when I undo the link then the whole details are displayed.

      when I go for drill down with types then the problem is more complex, the data from the matching zone in DS2 will be copied on to DS1 type where I have units for Type(Loan as zero), instead of displaying '0', it will get the figures from DS2 and display in the loan field replaced with the data instead of zero.


      I have no idea why this happens.please share some knowledge with me to fix this issue.