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    Dashboard Filter Behavior

    David Davis

      I'm new to Tableau. I have a filter on a dashboard, Multiple Values (List), and it's a long list. This is per the users request. Things work fine as far as selection, filtering, etc. There is an odd behavior on the list, if a user scrolls down the list and checks a box, the cursor (focus, placeholder, position on the list) jumps to another part of the list. It's intermittent, doesn't always do it. I've googled and searched the Tableau site and didn't hit on anything. Here's what I discovered actually happens. If a user is just using the checkboxes everything is as expected. But if an item is highlighted, no matter where the current scroll position is, no matter what boxes are checked, the filter display jumps back to the item that has been highlighted with the mouse. I can't find a way to turn that highlighting off, at least not one that fixes this behavior. I've tried the Apply button and it's the same behavior. Instructing users to only check inside the checkbox and not on the item itself would maybe work, but that brings frowns, not smiles. I would think that being a newb to Tableau, that I'm missing a setting. I've checked all Actions, deleted and reconstructed the whole sheet, and the dashboard. Any ideas?

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          Shinichiro Murakami

          Hi, David


          Welcome to the community.

          It's quite difficult to understand your issue without seeing the background workbook.

          Could you attach your packaged workbook (***.twbx)?




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            David Davis

            I cannot. Corporate data involved. I’ll see if I can find time to do a dummy file.

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              Shinichiro Murakami

              Yes, Dummy file still helps us to understand your issue.




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                David Davis

                I’ll try to be as clear and thorough as I can.


                Using the filter on the sheet, if I click inside the checkboxes, things are fine. If the mouse pointer ‘misses’ or clicks outside the box, the item will highlight. I want to get rid of that highlight, deselect that highlight, click away or something to remove that highlight and that highlighting behavior.



                1.       Click on the word “All”, not the checkbox


                2.       Scroll down to zz, select the checkbox


                3.       Filter window Scrolls back to All since that is highlighted, needs to remain at zz.


                4.       Since that behavior is not desired, how do I ‘unhighlight’ the item, or turn off this highlighting that causes the scroll bar to reset to the highlight-not the checkbox


                I see what it’s doing, don’t know why, that’s how the area map for click detection is setup I guess, but when a user selects one or two items in the filter window, I want the windows focus to stay there, I want the filter to remain at the selection point, I want the scroll position to not change, to not jump to the highlighted item.


                I suppose I can tell users ‘don’t ever miss the checkbox.’ But if a user does, the only way I have found to get rid of that highlight on the filter item is to close and reopen. Multiple users across different departments will be involved.


                Since I’m new to Tableau, I’m hoping I just haven’t used the correct search terms (although I’ve tried many) or that I’m missing some default setting, something like that.

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                  David Davis

                  I’m sorry, attached wrong file.

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                    Matthias Goossens

                    Hey David,


                    I am afraid there is no solution to your problem.

                    The only possible way is to narrow you filter down so you don't have a scroll bar that can jump around.


                    Maybe by grouping together the available options into logical groups?





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                      David Davis

                      Hmmm, disappointing. Shortening the list to the point there’s no scrolling isn’t an option for this project. And that doesn’t change the highlighting behavior which acts like an object with an action to get focus while missing an action to release or attain a no focus state. The long list represents the needed groups. I was really hoping it had something to do with the way I had done things.


                      Like I said, I’m new, and this was my first posted question. It’s nice to see a timely response and I appreciate you looking into this and mentioning some other ideas. Thanks for the comeback, Matthias.

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                        This may not help much, and you may have already discounted it,

                        but you could try the customization of the "Show Apply Button".


                        Then it will at least keep the scroll bar from jumping until all

                        the choices have been selected and Apply has been hit.

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                          David Davis

                          Thank you. I did try the Apply button and you are completely correct, things at least don’t ‘jump’ until Apply is checked. Thank you very much for the response; I’m always appreciative of any help or advice or suggestions.

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                            Shinichiro Murakami

                            I came late.


                            Seting Apply Button is helpful in this case, but one more thing.


                            (Sorry if you already know these)

                            The function of "highlight" is very useful in case you select multiple items.



                            select / highlight multiple items with Ctrl key or Shift key

                            Then you can check/uncheck all the items at one time, with pushing "Space".


                            Also,before checking ZZ's checkbox, select/highlight zz itself avoids the scroll bar go back to the top.







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                              David Davis

                              Thank you. Yes, those suggestions happen as described. These things were all seen prior to posting. We have seen what it does, we know what to do if we have to live with it. The only action we’ve seen so far that get rids of the exact issue is a close and re-open, else the end users must combine highlight and checkbox clicks as you suggest. Our plan is to just handle it as a training/support point, in other words, live with it and teach the end users to do the same. Thanks again for the support and being willing to help.

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                                David Davis

                                For clarification to anyone else who might have this issue: To me, right or wrong,  it looks like the software does not change/coordinate the state or focus of the highlighting with the checkbox selection. That might be by design. To make sure I wasn’t crazy I’ve just opened up 3 pieces of software, one of them a PowerPivot workbook. I can highlight an item or items in a checkbox list. If I click a checkbox, that checked item now gets the highlight; the original item no longer remains highlighted. In my Tableau file, the highlight does ‘not’ go to the checked item, it stays where it is until you highlight something else. Also, if I highlight an item in other software, and then wish for ‘nothing’ to be highlighted, I can click in another part of the window, click away from the list,  and have nothing highlighted. In my Tableau file, once a filter item is highlighted, something in that filter list has to stay highlighted; I can change which item is highlighted, highlight one or many, multiple click my way around it, put an

                                Apply button to delay the unwanted behavior,  but I cannot figure out how to have ‘nothing’ in that filter list highlighted. I can close and reopen which resets things and then have ‘nothing’ highlighted. I thought this might be designed this way and if so there might be a Tableau option or setting that could be changed, something I was missing or doing incorrectly.  Not a huge problem really, but we’d rather have the users attention on the information and not the navigation. Thanks for the suggestions.

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                                  I just saw Joe Oppelt's solution for the same problem,

                                  and I think it can work for yours too:

                                  Grey bar in filter, how to remove?


                                  In the attached, I floated two blank containers (one on each side of the checkboxes)

                                  to prevent clicking and highlighting of the label. You will need to completely cover

                                  the areas to prevent any of the label space from showing on either side. You can more

                                  precisely orient it by typing in the x-position and width of the containers.

                                  Maybe even best to overlap a little bit over onto the checkboxes and over onto the scroll bar.

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                                    Joe Oppelt

                                    Hey!  I heard my name!



                                    I modified the sample DUMMY workbook with the idea I had posted in another thread as noted by swaroop.gantela


                                    I put the sheet on a dashboard.  (It takes a dashboard to do it, for the record.)  I floated a blank object over the filter list, but not over the check boxes, nor over the scrollbar.  User can't highlight "All" (or anything else.)  User can only manipulate the scrollbar, and check/uncheck boxes.


                                    Special note:  This robs the user of the highlighting functionality Shinichiro Murakami pointed out in an earlier reply.  You'll have to weigh the tradeoff.

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