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    Using Show Filter in Calculated field

    Shaji Mathew


      I have a case whereby I need to select sales performance based on some events, say seminars conducted.

      Have to measure performance before and after 30 days and compare.

      Since the event day varies, I created a calendar using a calculated field with TODAY() and make as a filter by choosing option Start Date  ( Renamed to EVENT DAY in the show filter ) which enables me to select single day.

      Now based on the date selected . have to move 30 days before and after ship date  and sum up sales.

      When I tried to create another calculated field using EVENT DAY, I am getting error that the reference field is unknown.

      Actually I have to make one more Show Filter to make 30 days as dynamic to choose 20 0r 50 or any other number instead of fixed 30 days.


      I have attached my work book with superstore


      Any solution to this?

      Please help.