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    How do I highlight rows that contain the word "Not" ?

    Louisa Kho

      I have a set of data - Comments on hotels for my project and I would like to highlight rows in which the comment contains the word "Not"


      I have attached the data file (hotel data)


      I tried watching Youtube videos on "Conditional Color formatting" (Tableau: Advanced Conditional Formatting - YouTube ) and tried doing it own my own and this happened :


      First, I created this calculated field :


      IF CONTAINS([Comment],"Not") THEN "Color"



      Then, I tried putting the "Highlight" in the colors mark and this happened :


      I tried using other ways to do it but it seems that only the second column is affected which I'm not sure why.


      I would like my tableau to be highlighted when it contains "not" which would look something like this :



      Thank you.