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    Grouping commission type

    Sharon Theresia

      Hello everyone,


      I have a set of data that needs to be classified as "Commission" or "Trading" according to the buyer.


      For example:


      Commission Type           Buyer                    Commission Group

      AA                                  Kendra                   Commission

      AB                                  Kendra                   Commission

      BA                                  Kendra                   Trading

      BB                                  Kendra                   Trading

      AA                                  Alex                        Trading

      AB                                  Alex                        Commission

      BA                                  Alex                        Trading

      BB                                  Alex                        Trading


      I need to group "AA" as "Commission" when Kendra is the buyer, but if it is someone else, it would be "Trading".

      How do I do this in Tableau?


      I have tableau desktop 9.0 with me