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    publishing TDS

    Seb Bec

      I published a datasource as follows:

      tabcmd publish "DS_MyDatasource.tds" -n DS_MyDatasource  --project "myProject".


      I can verify in tableau server (http://tableauserver) the datasource has published successfully but  under the  "connects to", it  shows localhost whereas other datasources show
      the actual server hostname.  Is there a switch that I can use inhte command line  to force the
      servername instead of default localhost?

      many thanks

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          Dmitry Chirkov

          What are you connecting to?

          Name that's shown is the same one you typed in in the connection dialog and there isn't an option to modify it during publishing.

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            Seb Bec


            Thank you for taking the time to reply.  Everything I am doing is via the tabcmd

            The connection is:

            >tabcmd login -s http://RPTSERVER -u user -p password


            then publish

            >tabcmd  publish "DS_MyDatasource.tds" -n DS_MyDatasource  --project "myProject".


            according to your statement it should displayed "connected to"  RPTSERVER

            but it  does not (as seen in image) , it shows localHost all others installed by table shows the server

            maybe this
            is not a big deal I just want to know why.



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              Dmitry Chirkov

              You are confusing Tableau Server's host name with database host name.


              When you created TDS - what did you connect to? Database, file, or Tableau Server?


              Open TDS, edit your datasource and repoint connection to actual host name (not localhost). Resave and republish.


              p.s. Not sure if I made it clear but that 'localhost' you see is coming from TDS file, not your tabcmd command. You can cut a corner and modify it directly in TDS' XML. It'll look something like this:

              <connection class='sqlserver' server='localhost' authentication='sspi' dbname='dbtest' />
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                Seb Bec

                Yes, big part of it is due to my lack of understanding of the product for sure and/or  not asking the right questions.


                so when you asked

                "what did you connect to? Database, file, or Tableau Server?"

                The only thing I am using is tabcmd which I have included the connection string

                >tabcmd login -s http://RPTSERVER -u user -p password


                if I use the tableau desktop I also connect via the http://

                The actual data is stored in a MSSQL 2012-R2

                so as you  can see, I am doing everything via tabcmd and not the GUI.  I do not want to use the gui for programming

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                  Dmitry Chirkov

                  Where did you get "DS_MyDatasource.tds" file then?