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    Calculated field with large nested IF statment as quick filter?


      I'm creating an exceptions report to display data that needs to be looked at. 


      I want to display a series of records that meet a set of requirements from a calculated field.  If one or more of the following field are true, then include.  If none are true, exclude.  I'd like to set this up as a quick filter named 'exceptions'.  The quick filter should have two options, 1) All Data 2)Exceptions Only.  All data would not use this custom calculated field.  Exceptions only would.   


      Second question, is there any way to give user info on why the data populated?  For example if a case was populated because "MT=No", how could I define that with field with custom text like "Not in MT"?  It will be a standard table displayed in the dashboard.



      • MT
      • DOM
      • QR
      • LP
      • Late
      • Auto
      • A Repair
      • B Repair



      Calculations to include:(only needs to meet one of these to display)

      If MT= No

      If DOM > 120

      If QR = "3"

      If late = "yes"

      If Repair cost > $5000 and disparity between "A repair" and "B Repair > 25%



      I appreciate any guidance or help with building this calculated field!  Please let me know if any other info is needed.