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    Cannot Mix aggregate and non-aggregate expressions..How to fix this?


      Hi In Tableau Desktop 9.3..I come across this issue repeatedly and not sure how to fix this.


      I've a simple calculation to get Average Unique users Dail..for that I'm doing

      Cal1:(which is bringing the right number of what I wanted)

      INT(countd([USER_ID (copy)])/avg([No of days in Month]))

      When i pull this it is being treated as AGG[Cal1]




      in the second calculation...I'm using :

      Cal2:( to get current month)


      IF ([Select Month] = month([Create Dt])) and year([Select Year])=year([Create Dt]) then [Cac1] END...here it says cannot mix aggregate and non-aggregate expressions..Not sure how to fix this?


      Please share your thoughts.


      Thank you