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    Action Not Filtering

    Ashley Cloutier

      I've attached my workbook, and am hoping for some assistance. If you open it and look at the first Dashboard (Headcount Analysis) and click on MAIN under Headcount by Region, everything on that dashboard changes to reflect MAIN. That is good, I want that. My issue comes into play when I click on the number in Average Monthly Headcount. By clicking, it takes me to the next Dashboard (Headcounts), only problem is my filter seems to go away. I want the Headcounts dashboard to reflect what was selected on Headcount Analysis. Any ideas on why it clears the filter?

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          John Sobczak

          The action filters you set up also get put on the individual worksheets with the little venn diagram symbol (after the first time you trigger them).  You can go into those filters on the worksheets and apply them to other worksheets across dashboards.  However this becomes a tricky proposition in that they might have other unintended consequences in the flow of filtering through the dashboards.

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            Joe Oppelt

            When you just use "ALL" as your list of fields to filter on, Tableau takes the fields on that sheet (not fields from a previous sheet!) and filters with them.


            Your Average Monthly Headcount sheet doesn't have any dimensions on it.  So noting is really getting passed to the next dashboard with that Action.

            What I did was this:


            On the Average Monthly Headcount sheet, I edited the "Country Work State"  filter that was added by the action from "Headcount By State" and did "APPLY TO" so that the filter also applied to the Total Headcount sheet that is on the second dashboard.  Now you see that one sheet pared down by the values from that filter.  You'll need to do the same with any other pertinent filters from the action in the same way.