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    Multiple line chart


      Hi Gurus,


      I am reaching you gurus to help me with a work-around. I have this data for 1 year on a monthly basis.


      Jan   10  Jan-Fcst

      Feb   12  Jan-Fcst

      Mar   14  Jan-Fcst

      Apr    10  Jan-Fcst

      May   11  Jan-Fcst


      Dec   15  Jan-Fcst


      12 months of data in Jan-Forecast, 12 months of data in Feb-Forecast, .............. until Dec.


      I would like to analyse this data by comparing one month's forecast with another. I am looking at 12 comparison lines spread over Jan-Dec. How would split the below line into 12 lines for 12 Forecasts? Sample tableau is attached.



      Thanks in advance,