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    Visually show missing data


      Hi Everyone!

      I've got a project that seems to have stumped even the best of them!

      Basically I have a data set that shows a group of materials and all their descriptive attributes (size, color, etc).

      I need to create a dashboard that will visually show what fields are "not assigned".  This will be sort of a "one-stop-shop" for others to be able to take a quick look and see exactly which fields are missing data (showing "not assigned").  A sample "dummy" data set is shown below.

      Ideally, we want something that would show Material 256 is 83% complete and then be able to "drill down" and see that the "approved" field is what is missing ("not assigned").

      Seems to be a good idea in theory but haven't been able to figure out how to make it work yet.

      Any ideas? 



      25684585rednot assignedA
      861not assigned263yellowyesB
      364826not assignednot assignednot assignedA
      6786555not assigned52greennot assignedC
      56823not assigned32rednonot assigned
      64975not assignednot assigned47rednonot assigned
      5997315858not assignedyesA