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    Filter Action - consolidate multiple actions into one Menu option

    Mike Burke

      Goal: Use the dashboard action to run a filter action on menu select.


      Problem: I want the action to filter at different levels as well as highlight.

      • Different levels: 2 of the 4 visuals in the filtered dashboard are to be at the district level, while highlighting the sales rep that was selected.  The rest of the dashboard should be filtered at the sales rep level
      • This means the Target Filters - Selected Fields need to be different for some of the worksheets on the target dashboard.
      • This is also an issue because I can't highlight as well as filter within one action



      • This works if I 'Run action on: Select' because the multiple filters/highlights are consolidated under a single click.  When choosing 'Run action on: Menu' you'll get multiple options in the menu, which would only filter parts of the target dashboard (this doesn't work)
      • The closest thing I can think of is on the main dashboard, add a sheet that shows the name of the sales rep being selected ("select here for more details"), then drive the action off that sheet.  This way you don't accidentally get taken to the next dashboard because you made a selection inside the scatter plot.



      • I don't think there is a solution to this from what I could search other than the two workarounds listed above.
      • The filter is being driven be selecting a plot of a scatter plot.
      • This is being done while connected to a single SSAS data source, which limits my ability to create calculated fields on dimensions.



      • The second bullet under the solution ended up being a reasonable way to solve this, though it would be nice to have more functionality with the actions, specifically run on menu.