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    How can I create custom districts from shp.file

    Ivett Kovács



      I want to show Budapest district on the Tableau map.

      I followed this article( https://onlinehelp.tableau.com/current/pro/online/mac/en-us/maps_shapefiles.htmlhttp://) and used the attached shp. file but I did not got the right view.

      Mark Fraser


      What did I do wrong?



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          Steve Burger



          I think the data in the shapefiles might be erroneous. You might double check the source from which you've obtained this data.


          I successfully converted from Shapefile to CSV using the free Alteryx Gallery tool supplied by Craig Bloodworth of The InformationLab UK.

          Link here; Alteryx Analytics Gallery


          However, after converting, I ran into a problem with the Latitude and Longitude values.. They were way too large.



          Assuming that these were mostly correct, but with the decimal in the wrong place, I created two new columns by dividing these values by 10000.




          But, when I mapped it, unless Budapest has moved into the Indian Ocean, the location is wrong. (Who knows, global warming?)




          File attached here for review if you like.



          Steve Burger

          Tableau Online Deployment Advisor

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            Mark Fraser

            Hi Ivett


            I hope all is well in Budapest?

            Apologies for the delayed reply, holidays...

            Ivett Kovács wrote:



            What did I do wrong?

            You haven't done anything wrong, as Steve suggests, its likely an issue with the source data.

            Where did it come from? I have had a very quick look online and couldn't find anything, but my Hungarian is not fantastic (to be honest).


            One thing - Budapest co-ordinates are (roughly) 47,50 lat 19,10 long

            I couldn't see an obvious correlation between the existing co-ords (24-25/64-65) and Budapest?!

            If I can help further, I'll try


            All the best