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    Filtering on a value, but including all values where the desired value appears...

    Mark Speicher

      I am working on a problem involving applications to educational programs. I would like the users to be able to filter on test score, but have the results show *all* test scores for all programs that include the test score set at the filter. For example, if my test score is 75%, and of three programs, two programs have accepted applicants with scores of 75% or lower, I want to show only those two programs, but show all the test scores for the programs, even those above 75%. The default behavior for the filter is to filter out all scores above 75%, so I only see the two programs that have scores below 75% (which is correct) and for those two programs, I see only the scores below 75% even though both programs have accepted students with higher scores. I'd like to show the student where their score falls among all students accepted, and can't figure out how to to that. Tableau 9.0 in Windows 10. Thanks for any help.