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    Why is the Y-Axis Title Disappearing Based on a Filter

    Mark Isaacs

      I have a very simple stacked bar viz. (see image #1).  When I remove one of the Dimension values via the filter, the Y-axis title disappears (see image #2). 


      Toggling the Severity NA value always makes the Y-axis title appear/disappear, but toggling any of the other Severity codes doesn't impact the Y-axis title.  The NA value is simply one of the (string) values in the data; it's not a null value or anything out of the ordinary.


      I can't think of any reason why this would happen.  Unfortunately I can't post a twbx file with this problem due to security and confidentiality concerns. I've tried replicating the problem with very simple test data but was unable to do so.


      Does anyone has any suggestions as to what might trigger this behavior?