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    Is it possible to change IP addresses of Tableau cluster without reinstalling?

    Glauber Ribeiro

      I manage a Tableau Server 9.2 HA cluster (management server + 2 workers, total 3 servers) which is being relocated, so all the servers are going to change IP addresses. The cluster is configured using server names (not IPs), and the IPs are defined in each server's host file (long sad story, lack of DNS support in production).


      This can't be the first time this is being done! I would love to hear your experiences. Will I be able to change the IPs, edit the host files, and bring the cluster up without problem? Should I plan to reinstall and restore from backup? (Another option would be to make it into a single-server system, do the move, then re-establish the HA, but restoring from backup would probably take less time than that.)