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    Sync across two dashboards

    Amy Sheu

      I have searched and nothing does 100% of what I need.  These are my requirements:


      1.  Multiple dashboards

      2.  Both dashboards need to be in sync based on a filter, let say state

      3.  Click on a state on a map on dashboard 1, it needs to filter dashboard 1 views and dashboard 2 views BUT stays on dashboard 1.

      4.  I need to be able to click on a state from dashboard 2 (either filter, action, or filter sheet, etc) and have it filter dashboard 2 views and dashboard 1 views BUT stays on dashboard 2.

      5. Click on a state on a map on dashboard 1, the 'filter/action/filter sheet etc' on dashboard 2 need to have the correct state selected.

      6. Lastly, the map on dashboard 1 need to have the correct state "highlighted/selected"  when you click on a different state on dashboard 2 BUT not filter the map.


      Attached is quick example to start.  Currently dashboard 1 and dashboard 2 are not in sync.  This is a very basic example but I would ideally have multiple views on each dashboards that needs to be filtered by the state selection.


      So the idea is if I am on dashboard 1 and I click on Alabama, I want dashboard 1 to look like this and dashboard 2 to look like this automatically (notice the view is only showing Alabama and the "filter" has "Alabama" selected.)




      While I am on dashboard 2, when I click on "Maryland", I want dashboard 2 to look like this and dashboard 1 to look like this (notice Maryland is highlighted/selected but not filtered.)



      Thanks in advance.

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          Yuriy Fal

          Hi Amy,


          You may achieve some of your goals

          by using the result of a Filter Action --

          a Set created by Tableau on-the-fly --

          as a Filter on both Dashboards.


          Please find the attached as an example.


          Please note that if there are different datasources

          on dashboards, there is no working solution for version 9.x --

          but using a Cross-Datasource Filter (new in version 10)

          you may have finally get it, too.




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            Kathryn Bridges

            Hi Amy,


            Yuri, that's awesome! I have never seen an action work between sheets like that. I like it. The only issue is that once you've selected a state on the first sheet, you have to go back to the first sheet to filter to second. Still, super useful!


            Amy, I would add that above you group filters and actions, and they are different things that have different effects on your dashboards. One quick change you could make is that in filters, you can make the data apply to all sheets using that datasource (click on the little arrow on top of the filter on your dashboards, and select "Apply to sheets", then "all sheets using this datasource"). This way when anyone selects a state from either dashboard through the filter, both will change.


            I know it's a little bit of a nuisance, but I would almost advise going away with the action filter on state, putting the state name in the tooltip, and then forcing the user to user a filter (maybe wildcard would be most convenient).


            I'm also a little confused what you mean by requirement 6; if you are concerned about not being able to select a different state once it's selected, then this filter issue should resolve it still. Again, I know it's a bit of a pain to take away the action filter, but given the importance of syncing between dashboards (and being able to change the filters on every dashboard), it's what I would go with.





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              Amy Sheu

              Thank you Yuri.  Sorry it took so long to respond but I have been out of the office.


              I looked at your workbook but it is still not doing what we wanted regarding the map.  We don't want the map to be filtered based on the Action(state).


              Our data does not contain all the states but we want those states always colored on the map but have a state "highlighted" like my images in my original posts.  The images in my original post has all states colored but the same concept.

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                Amy Sheu

                Thank you Katie.  Sorry it took so long to respond.  I have been out of the office.


                The key requirement was to click on a map and have the data filter on both dashboard.  This part is easy.  However, it is having the second dashboard to also filter the first dashboard with a map that's the tricky part and doesn't seem to be possible.


                I basically need both dashboards have the same data let say by a state however the map on first dashboard need to contain all the states with the states in question either highlighted/selected but not filtered.

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                  Kathryn Bridges

                  Hey Amy,


                  One other idea that may work that I didn't think of earlier is to "hide" all the sheets from the first dashboard in the second, and vice versa. In the past, I've added these sheets as floating, and made them 1x1 on the dashboard. I've included them in all action filters/filtering, and that way, when you move to the second dashboard, all the sheets are already filtered. It should also work in reverse with this technique.


                  Hope this helps!