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    Double Extract Performance

    Florian Reidt

      Hey guys,


      I was hoping, that someone could help me out with an explanation.


      Our IT Department has set me up with Mart out of Oracle via an SQL Script. The performance at first was good but after having finished all of my calculated fields the performance went to downwards rapidly. So I created an extract on my local drive which takes about 15-20 Minutes. Before creating all the calculations it took about 6 seconds. Now with the extract the performance was exaptable.


      After publishing the workbook to our Sever I was not quite sure how to refresh the extract and if it would take also 15-20 minutes. So I asked our IT Deparment to run the extract twice a day. After rebuilding the Workbook based on the new Extract the performance went downwards again, worse than my own extract.


      So I decided to extract the extract with the calculations, which to my surprise now only takes about 6 seconds and the performance of the workbook is good (at least best I have expierenced yet). Question now, how can I make sure that I do not need to re-publish the workbook everyday. Is it enough if I upload my workbook with an extract refresh after the IT extract has run or do I need to do anything else?


      I have tried to slim down my calculations as much as possible and used Integers instead of strings etc. and I guess having the SQL Script do the calculations would be the best option but in the shortterm that does not seem to be an option.


      Thanks for your help guys and sorry for the long post.