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    Use of colours for specific name variables


      Hello Tableau Community,


      Here are a couple screen shots showing a part of a dashboard I've created, I have a filter for "host country" which then shows the following information pertaining to the country chosen, the pie chart shows the proportion of the population from different origin countries. I would like to change the colour of the names of the origin countries (circled in red) to match the colour represented in the pie chart so that I do not need to include the legend. Is it possible to do this?

      Also, is there a way to have the names organized in a custom order, with "no data" always being at the bottom for example?


      Here is the link to my tableau dashboard (in progress) if you would like to see more of it and how it's currently operating: https://public.tableau.com/shared/F39PBWWTX?:display_count=yes


      Thank you!



      Legend 2.pngLegend.png


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          Stephane Marx

          Hi Allyx,

          I had a look at your public dashboard but you do not allow to download the workbook. It would help to give a more precise answer

          Did you try to bring the country field onto the color mark card in the Origin country worksheet?

          I fear that otherwise the other option is to assign manually the same colors for the "country" dimension and the "origin country" dimensions and to bring the "country dimension" onto the mark card in the equivalent worksheet.

          Hope this helps,

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            Hi Stephane,


            Thank you for your response! Sorry about being unable to download the workbook, you should be able to now!


            I tried your suggestion, but for me it is changing the colour of the values and not the country names, even though I've moved the measure names to the colour mark card. When I try to assign colours for the countries, it changes them all and is not attached to the individual country. By assigning colours manually do you mean in the preferences.tbs file?


            Thanks again,


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              Kim McAvoy

              I'd also love to be able to assign colours to the Dimension labels, rather than just the values that they refer to.  It would make for a much more cohesive output when the labels and their values are all coded the same colour.