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    Conditional lookup based on date


      Hello all,


      I need to fill "missing" (it is not really missing) data to enable historical analysis of my data.


      I have attached an example workbook.

      See sheet1:


      An Item (ID) has different versions, shown by the modified dimension.

      I can now get the latest version of an item by using the fixed function (so I can create different LOD, based on what datepart I use).

      Here I want to see the latest version resp. latest modified date by month level.

      However, the modified dimension of course shows only the entry for the month where it has been modified.

      This leads to later months where there has been no modification being emtpy!

      Logically it is not empty, it just hasn't been modified in that month.


      Therefore I need to fill the rows cells where the date is later than the modified date with the measure values.

      Does anybody have an idea how to solve this?


      Thank you.