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    How to create calculated field based on set range and matching the color pallet

    Stan Lee

      Hi All..


      Would like to seek advice on how to generate a calculated field that can assist to match the color pallet, hope can guide me as well.

      What i wish to achieve is to define 5 different colors


      BLUE           0-50

      GREEN        51-100

      YELLOW     101-200

      ORANGE     201-300

      RED             301-500


      Things i have done:

      1. define the colors i need for the range preferences.tps


      2. tried to create a calculated field as per below:

           INT(IF [API Main] > 50 THEN "GOOD"

           ELSEIF [API Main] > 100 THEN "MODERATE"

           ELSEIF [API Main] > 200 THEN "UNHEALTHY"

           ELSEIF [API Main] > 300 THEN "VERY UNHEALTHY"

           ELSEIF [API Main] > 500 THEN "HAZARDOUS"



      Things i cannot do:

      1. to put the colors into the map


      Hope to get some advice and assistant.


      Thank you..