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    Modify Data Source

    Sheila Tweddle


      I am currently working in Tableau Desktop 9.3.3.

      I have a twb workbook and a tde extract.  When I open the workbook in Tableau Desktop and then navigate to the Data Source, I get a list of Data Sources, most of which don't relate to the current workbook.  I can't determine how I can modify the intended Data Source, which I was able to do in prior versions of Tableau Desktop.  For example to change it to connect to a TEST server for development and then change back to PROD for deployment.

      What am I not seeing, please?

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          Steve Taylor

          Hello Sheila


          Is there already an extract in the tableau workbook you have saved or are you opening a new workbook and wanting to edit a tde?


          Apologies if you already know this but I'm just trying to rule out a few things..... You can see where your tableau extract is located (if you already have it in a workbook) by right clicking on the Data Extract in the workbook and going to Extract > Properties.


          If you're connecting to the extract from a blank workbook, that extract doesn't hold the connection information required to refresh it from source or edit the original database it points at. It's a point in time snapshot of the data stored in a compressed columnar format. This blog post by jonathan Drummey is a great explanation of what the different file types represent:


          O Extract, Where Art Thou? | Drawing with Numbers


          Best practice is usually to create a .tds file just before you extract your data because that tds file contains all the connection information you need that enables you to go back at a later date, open, change the server connection details and extract from the new server location.


          Do have have a .tds files stored with these extracts? Or can you find the workbook that was used to originally generate the extracts because that should have the connection information?



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            Sheila Tweddle

            Hi Steve

            When I initially created the data source I had a .twb workbook and it was connected to a .tde extract, of which I still have both.  Thanks for the suggestion to look at Extract > Properties and I can see it is pointing to the tde as expected.  No I did not create a .tds which is perhaps an oversight on my part, however it seemed to publish and work well with just the .twb and .tde.


            However, in previous versions of Tableau you could navigate to the Data Source tab and then edit the datasource.  For example if I develop connected to my TEST Sql Server db and then before deploying I connect to my PROD Sql Server db, I cannot seem to do this anymore.  Also, to look at the code behind the data source you could use the option Convert to custom SQL, which I can see in the Data menu from the Data Source tab but it is greyed out.


            I am thinking perhaps I should log a support call in regards to this issue, but thought I would try posting to the forum first to see if I can get an answer.


            Thanks for your help.


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              Steve Taylor

              Hi Sheila


              I thought that if you had the first workbook you created the .tde within, that workbook would have the connection information (and would show the extract as a double cylinder not single which is how I check if that's the case). From that original workbook you might be able to get to the edit datasource window which allows you to change the server path. If you can do that you could uncheck the use extract item in the datasource right click menu, then create a .tds file from that datasource which you could reuse in a new workbook and change the server path.


              These are things that I've managed to get to work in the past after repeatedly kicking myself for not creating a .tds file every time I created a data extract.


              I hope you find a solution, I know how irritating it is when you can't get to the source of your tableau data!



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                Sheila Tweddle

                Hi Steve


                Although your many suggestions are interesting, I am not achieving what I require.  I believe what I am experiencing is due to a change in v9.3.3, as I know I was able to perform this task in prior versions.


                I think I will log a call with Tableau and will post any results here if I get a solution.


                Thanks very much for your help,


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                  Emad Mohamed

                  Hey Sheila


                  Thank you so much for tackling this issue , it's very irritating i cannot modify in the data source.




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                    Sheila Tweddle



                    As a footnote to this issue, I always have the original twb file and so have used the method in the following post with success:



                    This I am finding quite straightforward.

                    Cheers, Sheila