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    Trying To Label X & Y Axis Using Alias Values (or any other approach)

    Bob O'Connell

      Desired Outcome


      Our team has one particular chart required by the business that has been causing us problems. We hope that somebody else has run across this.


      This ( Fig 1) is the example of the existing chart we need to replicate in Tableau


      Looking at the X and Y axis one can see that they are not linear. For example, the Y axis shows percent but
      even though the spacing between ticks are equal the labeled valued are not proportional to the spacing. The
      underlying data for both X & Y axes is logarithmic but it is made to look linear for the sake of the chart.




      In its basic form it comes to us in a table  as numeric X, Y pairs with associated "mappings" to the associated label that should be shown on the X or y grid


      Initially we thought that aliases could help us.  Here are the actual numeric values and our aliases (or values to be seen on the axis)


      For X values (fig 2):


      For Y Values (fig 3):


      Sample Output


      If one plots a the numeric (measure) data as a scatterplot one sees a nice 10 value  X 10 value

      (on axis)  chart that looks very similar to the original chart we are trying to replicate. The overall

      appearance and layout of the marks would be acceptable to the business


        Fig 4



      But  here we  need the axis values / labels themselves to show the aliased values we showed in Fig 2 & 3 above.


      What We Have Tried


      Initially we  thought we could use the alias approach we have alluded to above.  But it appears through trying it and

      looking for examples that the alias functionality is not applicable to measures. We have tried other approaches such as

      • making one or both variables dimensions and then use aliases
      • using the right Y axis for measures and the left axis for aliased values but one needed both y axis to be numeric ( I think that is true)


      So far the closest approaches gets us to a chart like below (fig 5)




      • We have X,Y pairs that map to numeric values in a scatter plot.
      • These X,Y pairs need alternative labels on the axis
      • Using aliases with pure measures does not function in Tableau
      • Alternative approaches using dimensions with alias values does not produce the desired output chart .
      • Basically we need a chart that whose point locations are numeric but axis labels are some form of dimension value (at least on the X axis)




      We tried to have done our own due diligence and research but we are blocked. We may be just missing something obvious. Others we know who use Tableau in our company and at other companies have not come up with an approach. So we ask:


      • Has anyone run into this problem and found a solution?
      • Can anyone suggest a solution or approach?
      • If I have not explained this clearly , let us know. 



      Thanks, Bob, Srilatha