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    Relative date filter: today is yesterday's date

    Nils Hernborg



      Im trying to set up a relative date filter on a close date exported from Salesforce. However, when I set the filter as 'last 7 days' it takes yesterday's date (2016-08-10) and counts 7 days backwards to (2016-08-04). It seems as if Tableau has mixed up today with yesterday. In another sheet connect to another datesource Im running a similar filter and there it shows today as the correct dates 2016-08-11 to 2016-08-05 with the relative filter 'last 7 days'. I have data from today (2016-08-11) in the dataset and when I set the range of dates I set it to today's date (2016-08-11).


      Could anyone help with this one? Does it have anything todo with the underlying datasource?