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    Ben Adam



      Have a question about filtering when using 2 different data sources ....

      I have created 2 data tables, one using data from the 1st data source, the other using data from the 2nd data source. There is a common field in both data sources. Is it possible to create a quick filter using the common field, that when used, will filter data on both tables?


      I could get around this issue by bringing in another quick filter from the 2nd data source (same field) but this will look confusing for the end user, having to use 2 filters to filter by the same field.


      Any suggestions welcome!




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          pulkit jain

          If the common field have a finite set of values then you can create a parameter and apply that parameter to both the sheets as filter.

          That way you can control both sheet with this parameter.


          Only downside is that it will be a single select filter.

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            David Li

            Hi Ben, you can use a parameter as Fulkit said, or you can actually just wait until Tableau 10 is released (which should be any day now). In Tableau 10, filters can apply across different data sources.